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Inland Empire Drive Line Service

What do haute couture and drive lines have in common? Well, haute couture (“high sewing”) is characterized as being made to order for a specific customer from high-quality materials with extreme attention to detail and finish. Plain and simple, there is no better description of the driveline products produced by Inland Empire Drive Line Service.

It was a long journey from the beginning (1981) to their current status as the foremost manufacturer of high performance drive shaft (32 years), but because from the very beginning the focus was always on high quality standards and equally high customer service standards, the conventional drive shaft repair shop serving the auto repair and heavy trucking industries in Ontario, California was soon recognized. In less than two years, Inland Empire Drive Line Service was building on a production basis for several well-known motorhome manufacturers.

This manufacturing base, combined with their growing service clientele, enabled Inland Empire Drive Line Service to expand their facilities.

Over the years, Inland Empire Drive Service gained broad experience, some from local customers and a significant amount from the very diverse uses of their products. Their drive shafts have been selected for use in everything from 100-point Concours d’Elegance vehicles to quarter-million-pound trenching machines, and beauty contest winners among others. This wide acceptance and application of their product line has given them both a national and international reputation and following.

They specialize in the unique and finding a workable solution to each individual’s needs… the only limitations being the laws of physics.

The Golden Rule

In today's business environment, where making money is more important than building relationships, Inland Empire Drive Line Service stands out. Amid all of the modern, high-tech, state-of-the-art parts, pieces and services is a very old-fashion view about customer service.

Owner Greg Frick says when asked why his customers keep coming back (and bringing their friends with them) "Our customer service is based on the 'Golden Rule'... Treat customers like you'd want to be treated."  That's one of the reasons why Inland Empire Drive Line Service strives to turn around orders in 48 hours... unheard of in the industry. As Greg says with a heart-felt laugh in his voice, "I'd rather ship product and forget it than forget to ship it!"

By: David Caoin

Driveshafts: The Critical Link

Your driveshaft contains every bit of the power your engine produces. In low gear it delivers engine torque multiplied many times. In high gear it delivers engine torque and the peak horsepower while turning at the same RPM as the engine. To enjoy smooth, safe operation, this critical link deserves every owner's serious attention.

A 90 Second Overview

Watch a 108 second overview of products we offer at Inland Empire Driveline.

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