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How to replace U-Joints & Balance Your Truck’s Driveshaft

Project Over/Under, 2003 Chevy Silverado: Part 10

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Coyote Combo

This May 2018 Street Rodder article is a good read for anyone planning to install one of these engine and transmission packages.


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How to Change Pinion Angles

By Gerry Burger, Hotrod Network December 14, 2017

All that changed when I ordered a custom length aluminum driveshaft from Inland Empire and was doing some bench racing with longtime friend and owner of Inland Empire, Greg Frick. Talk turned to angles and I was informed quite quickly that I should change the angle on the pinion to 3 degrees so...

Super Chevy

 The May 2016 issue of Vette documents installing a 348 in a 1960 Corvette.

Vette Power Hungry


"Chevy High Performance magazine installed a 509 inch engine in a 1961 bubble top. They used our two piece 502 kit shaft set to deliver all that engine's power." Click here to read about Installing the Shafiroff 509 Engine into a 1961 Bel Air – Bubbletop 509

How To Pick a Performance Driveshaft

Written by Douglas Glad on November 1, 2010

Thanks to performance driveshaft companies like Inland Empire Driveline Service, you don't have to hope that your U-joints and pinion yoke can stand up to your high-horsepower abuse. To handle whatever you are driving, there are four material options for the tube itself, plus a couple of choices for the pinion and transmission yoke.

Hot Rod Magazine

Hot Rod Magazine has done an extensive article on trouble shooting the drive shaft in a 2008 Mustang. It is in the “Hot Rod To The Rescue” section, October 2014 issue. Owners of 2005 through 2009 Mustangs can get correct information and save themselves a lot of time, frustration and money by reading it. The link below will take you directly to the article.

Mopar Muscle Magazine

Mopar Muscle Magazine is building a Valiant to unusual specifications. In the October 2014 issue they have documented the build up of the 1350 drive shaft for this project. They have done a good job of explaining how detailed and time consuming it is to produce a high performance driveshaft. The article can be accessed at the link below.

Lowrider Magazine

Lowrider Magazine featured a build up of our 1958 to 1964 Chevrolet replacement driveshaft in their June 2014 issue. The two-piece set up must be used because of space restrictions and length. Our aluminum and poly urethane center support eliminates all of the OEM design’s problems with power. The stub that the bearing rides on is no longer available so we make our own to keep these fine cars on the road safely. The link below will take you to the article.

Classic Trucks

Classic Trucks did an install of a TKO-600 and finished the project with and aluminum shaft in their June 2012 issue. Wes Drelleshak does a nice job of pointing out the possible results of pumping up an engine and not giving some thought to how that power is doing to be delivered. His article can be accessed via the link below.

Mustangs and Fords

Mustangs and Fords did a write up of our “Trouble Shooting Guide” in August 2001. They even have a picture of a guy changing a u-joint on the side of the road. This article can be found at the link below.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang: How to Build and Modify 1964 ½ - 1973 is a book written by Frank Bohanan and published by CarTech, Inc. Chapter 8 is devoted to “Driveline” including the drive shaft and third member. Frank is an engineer and the chapter is quite detailed but is written in English with no engineering jargon or formulas.
Our thanks to CarTech, Inc. for approving this link to Chapter 8.

Driveshafts: The Critical Link

Your driveshaft contains every bit of the power your engine produces. In low gear it delivers engine torque multiplied many times. In high gear it delivers engine torque and the peak horsepower while turning at the same RPM as the engine. To enjoy smooth, safe operation, this critical link deserves every owner's serious attention.

A 90 Second Overview

Watch a 108 second overview of products we offer at Inland Empire Driveline.

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