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Warranty Returns
  1. Customers may submit products that are deemed to be defective in material and workmanship.
  2. Prior to returning any defective product the customer must request and receive a Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) from Inland Empire Drive Line Service, Inc. The defective product must be shipped freight prepaid.
  3. When the product is received it will be analyzed and a final disposition will be name, Products that are deemed to be defective by Inland Empire Drive Line Service, Inc. and are within the warranty time period will receive a full or partial credit for the value of the part only depending on completeness, usage or other factors.
  4. Only products under warranty should be included.
  5. If it is determined that the cause of the failure was not due to a defect in material or workmanship, the part will be returned at their expense.
  6. Returns are processes separately and a 15% restocking charge may be applied.
Stock Adjustments

Stock Adjustments are limited to 3% of the Dealer's previous year's net purchases from Inland Empire Drive Line Service, Inc. The year of record shall be January 1st through December 31st.


The following are the requirements for processing stock adjustments.


  1. Prior to returning any product the Dealer should provide Inland Empire Drive Line Service, Inc. with the candidate lists of returns.
  2. No discontinued, obsolete or item used as part of a display will be accepted for credit.
  3. All stock adjustments must have a Returned Good Authorization (RGA) number that is obtained from Inland Empire Drive Line Service, Inc. customer service department. Any stock adjustment returned without this number will be refused.
  4. An RGA Number may be authorized without an offsetting order. An RGA will be issued for goods with such offsetting orders immediate shipment. Previously placed orders may not be used as an offsetting order.
  5. Products that have been cannibalized for its parts are not eligible for stock adjustment returns and no credit will be allowed, nor will partial credits be issues.
  6. Debit memos or invoice deductions will not be allowed and will be charged back to the Dealer’s account.
  7. All stock adjustment returns will be credited at the original purchased price.
  8. All items returned must be in new condition. We cannot accept any returned items for credit or exchange that have been installed, or are shopworn. All products returned must be in perfect condition and in their original carton package and are subject to factory inspection.
  9. A minimum 15% restocking charge in lieu of repackaging charges will be levied.
  10. Stock adjustments must be returned freight prepaid and with the RGA Number clearly marked on all master shipping cartons.
  11. Do not return parts for warranty consideration with any stock adjustments.
  12. Non-authorized returns will be returned at the Dealer’s expense.
  13. One stock adjustment can be made annually and allowances will not accrue from year to year. The return may be processed anytime through the year with year-end cutoff being the last working day of the first week in December.
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