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Customer Comments and Testimonials

La Carrera Panamericana 2015

Just back from Mexico and the La Carrera Panamericana 2015

Warren Briggs-Pilot (New Zealand) and Gerry Bashford-Co-Pilot (Australia) win hotly contested La Carrera Panamericana 2015 Historic “C” in Todd Landon’s #372-1966 Ford Mustang Fastback running IEDLS output shaft, aluminum driveshaft and supplied u-joints---not a hiccup of an issue---A three peat for #372!!

Todd Landon

2 Piece Chevy Shafts

I own a 63 Impala convertible and dropped in a 350 w a 700R4 transmission and right off the get go I had a serious vibration. the first carrier bearing housing actually tore off the X frame and was knocking as the drive line turned. said bearing was replaced, still had the vibration and took the car into Independence Automotive in Helena, Mt and Eric installed a 3rd carrier bearing and I still had the vibration. Eric did some research and concluded with the torque the 700R4 was putting out the drive line was moving forward and the weakest point was the carrier bearing. He order a drive line from your shop, installed in on Thursday 5-14-2015, I drove it home on Friday and guess what "no vibration". for the first time in 10 months I was able to stand on it and not fear the carrier bearing would come apart. I took a picture of the drive line before it was installed and I will say that I was very impressed w the quality of material and the craftsmanship. that is one serious carrier bearing, I have taken the photo of the drive line to all 3 shops that worked on my car and explained to the mechanics what they need to do if some one like me modifies a transmission w a 2 piece drive line and they get a vibration like this. call Inland Empire Driveline and do it right the first time. my wife and I will be going to car shows this summer and your drive line will be discussed often. thank you for a superior product.
Eric and Trudy Erickson
May 17, 2015 
1000 HP Camaro
I would like to start by saying you guys are the Best! I have a 69 Camaro Pro Street car with a 502 BDS 871 Teflon Stripped blower that is turning in the neighborhood of 1000 horsepower. When i got my drive shaft from you I was simply blown away, it was perfect. It was one of about 3 parts put on the car when I built it that needed nothing.
If ever you need a referral give them my number. I cannot wait till I get the drive shaft for the red Camaro.
I would not consider using another driveline company.
It would be an honor to put one of you guy's banner in front of my cars.
Jeff Holt
Beechgrove, TN. 
MGB Firebird Transplant

I saw the comment on the Miata the other day and it reminded me of my own experience.

My project was putting the engine and tranny out of a ’95 Firebird into my MGB.

I used the rear end from an S-10. When it was all installed I too called Inland Empire Drive Line at their Corona store. When I got the product it had a Jag flange instead of the S-10 one but this was immediately corrected.

The car goes 0 – 60 in 5 seconds. The driveshaft has been working perfectly for at least 10 years now.

Stan Arendts

Irvine, CA

Cadillac CTS-V Powered Miata

I installed an LS-6 and T-56 6-speed out of a 2005 CTS-V in my 2003 Miata. I had a lot of difficulty trying to find someone who could help me with a driveshaft. I ended up having an adaptor machined to mate another adaptor to the transmission. It worked but had a vibration starting at 60 mph and got worse with speed. I contacted "Nacho" and he told me he had to see the driveshaft, so I sent it to him. He called me after checking it out and told me it checked in the machine but from experience knew it would vibrate because it was incorrectly piloted. He told me I had to pilot the shaft off the 3-bolt Cadillac transmission and differential flanges and not the output shaft and pinion shaft. He told me he had adaptors to do that and that he could modify the shaft I sent him and make it work. I asked him to proceed and a short time later I installed a driveshaft that fits precisely, pilots off the flanges, and doesn't vibrate at 85 mph. Had Nacho been my first contact, I would have saved 9 months of frustration and about $800. He's my "go to" guy from here on out.


Bruce Barrett

Memphis, Indiana

Twin Turbo 67 Charger

My name is Randy Barrett. My father Bruce owns the '03 Miata that we installed a LS6 out of a '05 CTS-V. He forwarded your email to me and asked me to send you some of the pictures I have of the car.

I will include a couple of the pictures I have taken. If there is another view or a specific portion of the car that you would like, please let me know and I will be happy to accommodate.

As a side note, may I also express my satisfaction with Inland Empire. I have a '67 Charger that I installed a Viper T-56 six speed (along with SMPI and twin turbo's). As I was assembling the car, Inland Empire was very helpful with measuring, and creating a driveshaft. As my dad reached an impasse with his project, I was quick to steer him in your direction.


2013 King of the Hammers
Fab-10 ultra4 car was ready to race in the last edition of King of the Hammers 2013. Unfortunately the day before the starting position qualifying, we had some unexpected issue with the driveshaft.

We didn’t t have a spare. A fast call to Jeff @ Inland Empire Drive Line Service in Ontario, CA., some measurements and..... Laura left the desert to Ontario. By the time she got there, about 2 hours, the driveshaft was ready to be picked up.

The day after we raced to qualify. Then the big day came. We finished in 22nd position of 27 finishers on 129 cars started.

It was the most brutal KOH ever, they said.
We still are the strongest European team.

Thanks Jeff and his crew @ Inland Empire Drive Line Service for their fast support and hardcore components.

Fabio Manno
Team Italy, Car 100
1965 LeMans
May 20, 2012

Just a note to thank you for your excellent service during my recent visit to shorten my aluminum driveshaft.. in by 9, out by noon.

The staff gave me credible guidance, your measuring guide aided with the perfect fit which saved me some money, to boot.

I am a satisfied customer which demonstrates that the excellent service is the same no matter what you drive.


Phil G.
Moreno Valley, CA
1937 Pontiac
Just wanted to say Thank You once again for helping us out at the 2013 BTTF's show in Minneapolis. I was the guy with the toasted u-joint for the '37 Pontiac and you kind donation had us able to make repairs quickly and get back on the road and enjoy the rest of the week end (even with the rain).
She's on her second motor; a 454 Chevy with just under 100,000 Kms on her and still going strong. We have been to nearly every Back to the Fifties Show for the last 25 years and plan to see many more; its become a real tradition for our little group from Winnipeg.
Thank You once more, it was greatly appreciated.
John Perreault
Winnipeg, Canada
Simply the best!
July 12, 2010

Inland Empire Drive Line has been building competition drive shafts for my cars for over 25 years. Their products are simply the best! Our Hairston Motorsports & Racing 2007 Bickel built GTO with a Duttweiler 377 CID twin turbo small block Chevy is the current Pacific Street Car Association, Pro Street National Record Holder at 6.084 @ 238.30 MPH.

July 11, 2011

This year Troy Coughlin has been running the car in Jeg's livery in the NHRA Pro Mod Series. His 5.965 ET and 249.16 MPH makes this the fastest small block in NHRA racing history.

Jim Hairston
Team Owner
Hairston Motorsports & Racing
Demanding Applications
May 9. 2011

I have perhaps one of the most demanding applications a driveline must endure – the instantaneous torque of an electric motor loaded in direct drive fashion (no flywheel or tranny needed) in a rear drive, street legal electric drag car. Known as the White Zombie, my electrified ’72 Datsun1200 sedan dispatches 0-60 in just 1.8 seconds and runs 10.258 in the ¼ mile. It’s series wound DC motor generates 772 ft. lbs of torque at 0 rpm!

Before acquiring the light weight, but heavy duty aluminum driveshaft built by Inland Empire Driveline, we went through numerous drivelines that simply couldn’t hold up to this torture. The Inland Empire driveshaft however, has taken this amount of instant twist for several years now without any problems. It slides onto the splined output shaft of the electric motor and terminates at the input flange of a Strange aluminum Ford 9 inch fitted with 3:70 gears, a Detroit Locker and Dutchmen Motorsports 31 spline axles turning sticky drag radials.

Thanks to the good folks at Inland Empire for building a bulletproof driveline that my electric car can’t destroy!

See ya…John “Plasma Boy” Wayland

Portland, Oregon

2003 Mustang Cobra
Hey guys,

Just wanted to take some time and say what a great product. And even better customer service. I was wondering if there was anyway I could receive some stickers or something to show my pride in the brand. If so that would be awesome.

Jason Eger

Gallitzin PA
Vibration is gone!

As you know I had a distinct vibration in my street rod at 71-73 mph which we found to be in the old driveshaft. While the car was in the shop over the winter, getting some much needed rust removed and frenched tailights, along with a new motor, we installed an Inland Empire Driveshaft. I just got back from an 1100 mile trip in the car and must tell you how smooth and vibration free the car was. I don't know how you do it since you didn't measure for the drive shaft, we did.

Thanks for a great product delivered when you said it would be. I would recommend your products to anyone who wants a vibration free smooth running vehicle.

David Cohen

D & N Promotions, Inc.

East Coast Indoor Nationals
Well done y'all
June 29, 2010

Hello, My wife and I are local drag racers and we have your driveline components installed in our drag race cars and are very satisfied with their quality and performance. Well done y’all! Your workmanship and attention to detail are second to none in our opinion. We appreciate that your stuff really does make a difference in our cars and I can attest to it.
Thank you!
If possible, we would really like a few decals to display on our race cars.

T & C Vespo

Slidell, LA.
Quality Product Fair Price
January 26, 2010

Greg, I feel that you have always given us a quality product at a fair price with consistent on-time delivery. That is why we choose to run Inland Empire driveshafts. Keep up the good work!

Warren Johnson
Warren Johnson Enterprises
Sugar Hill, GA.
Top Quality Drive Line Parts
January 21, 2010

Inland Empire Drive Line has supplied our race team and our custom hot rod shop customers with top quality drive line parts for years. They have provided us and our customers, with these top quality parts along with great service and value in a timely manner. Inland has helped us set records and win championships with their ability to be on top of the technology needed to continue at this high level of performance. Their drivelines have pushed Walker Racing to record performances of 6.26 ET and 223.00 mph in the quarter mile.

Randy Walker
Walker Racing Group
Walker Autoworks, Inc.

Bermuda Dunes, CA
New Bearings
October 11, 2009

Greg or Robert,

Greg I met you at the OKC show and we talked about the bearing going out on me. I was going to send this a long time ago and I have been going 90 mph all year. Sorry I took so long. You guys are tops with me and the new bearing is a real plus. I put it in the 60 here and she has been everywhere. All is well now. Thanks a bunch…..

Bill Riley
D/BSTR Class Record
August 23, 2009

To Lee Watson and Greg Frick,

As you both know, I destroyed my driveline out in Bonneville last year. We had a bad year then, breaking everything on the car but the record. We came back this year with a lot more success. The 1946 car got into impound three times, broke the record two times and I got inducted in the coveted 200 MPH Club. We managed to set the record in the D/BSTR class at 216.979 thanks to that great Inland Empire Driveline. You and your people are a great service and product organization. Thanks again,

Steve Van Blarcom
LSR Car # 1946

Street Rod Steve's Garage
Wallingford, CT 06492
Street Rod Steve's Garage
"You're a credit to the indusrty; it is a pleasure to deal with someone still dedicated to serving its customers. I retired four years ago from UPS. I spent 34 years with them, and I always likes to think they are customer orientated, too. Without your 'Old School' dedication, I could not have enven gotten back out there (your products is awsome, too...LOL) I hope to see you next year, and I will recommend you to all my friends and customers from now and forever."

Steve Van Blarcom-Street Rod Steve's Garage
Wallingford, CT
Sawada Motors
The shaft you had sent out arrived last week. It was able to be installed perfectly last weekend. Running is perfect, and it doesn't have the vibration at all either. Thank you.

Kouji - Sawada Motors
Nagano, Japan
Aug 10, 2009

Hey Robert -- I got the shaft and it is awesome! Fits like a glove and it's beautiful. Well packaged, etc. My hat's off to you guys! I stopped by the Inland booth at the Street Rod Nationals and told the lady how helpful you were. Your work is high quality. The polished aluminum shaft I received is more finely finished than I expected, and the clear powder-coating should keep it looking great a long time. I'm very pleased.
Thank you!

Bloomington, Illinois
Customer Service
June 4, 2009

Robert, it was nice finally talking to you. Thanks for your patience on this, so we settled on a Yoke first, then we do the drive shaft.

For what its worth once I decided I HAD to buy a yoke (mine is trashed), I realized I could have found the yoke somewhere and saved maybe 20 bucks. Why didn't I do that, saving money is good?

The service and response you have provided is far beyond what I expected and what I usually get from other companies. Call it customer loyalty, but that's what keeps me with a brand or company. Saving money is good, but when I get support and speedy responses/ advice from you, like I have, its well worth the 20 bucks knowing my purchase is (a) matched to your drive shaft, (b) backed by the support.

Thank you.

Chesapeake, VA
Night and Day
May 21, 2009

I just installed the new drive shaft I ordered and the difference is night and day. It was installed in a car I have owned for over 10 years so I know how fast I am going by the feel of the car and now that will no longer work it as it drives so smooth, I was going over 80 mph without knowing it before I looked at the speedometer. The car has always had a little vibration but I always assumed it was the nature of a 40+ year old car but that is not the case. I now wish I broke the u-joint sooner so I could have installed your drive shaft sooner. Thank you for making such an amazing product, you can be assured I will use you again in future and recommend you to everyone.

R. W.
Lancaster, CA
Instructions on Measuring
I just wanted you to know that when I placed this order, I very carefully measured according to your instructions, and provided all other information as requested. As a result, when the driveshaft arrived today, I tried to install it. It fits perfectly. Nice job, well done. Thanks.

J. B.
Sagle, Idaho
Inland Empire Driveline Service, Inc.
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