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Why should you choose Inland Empire Drive Line for your driveshaft?

Your drive shaft will fit. We have been selling drive shafts by mail order for a long time and know how to "get it right" the first time... read more...

Measuring & Ordering Made Easy

We make measuring for and ordering driveshafts easy.
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Certified Driveshafts

SFI Foundation Certified driveshafts for NHRA Competition Eliminator, Pro Stock and Pro Mod competition.

Stock Replacement Driveshafts

Stock replacement driveshafts for Classic and late model Camaro, Firebird, Impala, Mustang, S-10 extra cab and the late model GTO...

Power Train Set-Up Guide

Read about the placement of power train components in the chassis. The engine/transmission, the third member and the driveshaft must be installed to work in harmony if driveability is your goal.

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Driveshafts: The Critical Link

Driveshafts: The Critical Link Your driveshaft contains every bit of the power your engine produces. In low gear it delivers engine torque multiplied many times. In high gear it delivers engine torque and peak horsepower while turning at the same RPM as the engine. To enjoy smooth, safe operation, this critical link deserves every owner's serious attention.
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